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    Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Group) is an comprehensive industrial group by share controlling of serial subsidiaries with its parent company of Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd.
    Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd., former Yunnan Natural Gas Chemical plant was initially constructed as one of the first completely imported 13 large scale fertilizer plants in 1974, put into service in 1977, and restructured into a national independent limited company in 1997 with authorization from Yunnan provincial government. Since then, the Group has made good use of serial historical opportunities to take serial effective measures to promote the development consecutively and healthily.
    Through more than 30 years’ unremitting work, the Group has developed from a mono nitrogen fertilizer manufacturer into a multiple-platform enterprise based on the fertilizer and towards the organic chemicals, new fiberglass materials, salt and salt chemicals, phosphate beneficiation and phosphorus chemicals. The Group has laid a solid foundation in the industries of phosphate & compound fertilizers, new fiberglass material, and phosphate beneficiation, etc. In 2011 the Group ranked 211th of China’s top 500 enterprises, 105th of China’s top 500 manufacturers and 2nd of China top 500 chemicals.
    During the 12th Five -Year Plan period, with main theme of scientific development, with the main line of transition of developing mode and structure as well as with the main measures of “three new and one plus” (new configuration, new materials, new industries and plus commerce and logistic), the Group will promote continuously a scientific,  harmonious and comprehensive development toward the five targets of “Scalization, Intensivilizaiton, Grouplization, Internationalization, Harmonization”.